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Rules and Regulations for Historical Building Owners

historic buildingOwning a historical building and ensuring its cleaning and restoration is a rewarding experience because not only do you own land, you own a piece of US history, a priceless honor. However, as an owner of a significant building, there are rules and regulations you should be aware of.

  • You are able to make changes to the building at your own expense and free will ONLY if the government has no financial connection with the property.
  • To determine your rights as a property owner, you should first contact the SHPO, or the State Historic Preservation Office, in your state. This agency will inform you of the rules and regulations of owning historical property in your prospective state.
  • If you are planning to make changes and have full rights to the historical property, you will still want to contact the SHPO. There could be requirements or laws for any building projects in your given state.
  • If the government does have financial ties with your property, any changes you want to make to the building will need to be brought to the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

For more information on the regulations on owning a historical property, please refer to your local government’s website.

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