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Tips on Handling a Flooding in Your Commercial Building
          If you have just experienced a flooding in your commercial building due to a torrential rainstorm or other natural disaster, you should immediately evacuate your building and call professional help. If you are not certified or not experienced in asse
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Rules and Regulations for Historical Building Owners
Owning a historical building and ensuring its cleaning and restoration is a rewarding experience because not only do you own land, you own a piece of US history, a priceless honor. However, as an owner of a significant building, there are rules and regulations you should be aware of.
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Things You Need to Consider for a Historic Building Restoration
If you are considering commissioning a historic building restoration, you will want to consider the following: Historical Relevance: Is the building or property you want the historic building restoration for a nationally significant building? A relevant building will be something that
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When to Schedule a Building Restoration and Cleaning
Maintaining the outside of your building is important because it is the first thing customers or clients see. An impeccable outdoor will invite new business and show that you care about your property. A dirty looking building will make visitors apprehensive about your business and que
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Building Requirements for Historic Building Restoration
In order for your historic building to be considered for historic building restoration, you should make sure it falls under some of these regulations and requirements: Accessibility Fire and Life Safety No Hazardous Materials These regulations and requirements vary from state to state
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