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Historic Restoration
Historic buildings are a crucial element in our perception of culture and identity through time and are therefore important for our future.
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Consulting and Testing
Each project is unique; there is no one “magic formula” that works on every building or in every situation.
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Eco Friendly Building Cleaning
The removing of years of carbon/biological build-up from GRFC Panels, Stone, brick, concrete, Aluminum clad and other material use in façade construction is a delicate process.
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Sealants, Coatings & Weatherproofing
Over time, even simple rainwater can decay and stain unprotected GRFC panels, concrete, brick, stone and other façade materials.
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Glass Restoration & Cleaning
PPC&S has been a leading force in the development of window/glass cleaning & restoration techniques for over 20 years.
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Bird Control Systems
Pest birds cost individuals and businesses millions of dollars each year in clean-up expense, repairs, and damaged equipment.
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Welcome to PPC&S, Inc.

Founded in 1983, PPC&S currently maintains offices in San Francisco, CA…Miami/Ft Lauderdale, FL…Las Vegas, NV…Moraga, CA. We specialize in Historical Restoration, Eco friendly Chemical Cleaning, Sealants, Coating and waterproofing, Scratched/ Weather Glass Restoration and Cleaning, Bird Control systems and testing and Consulting. Always an innovator, PPC&S consistently remains at the forefront in developing new and effective restoration materials, means, methods and technologies. This coupled with our exemplary safety record and an available work force of over 100 highly trained and dedicated men and women has transformed PPC&S into one of the largest, fastest growing and most respected Building Restoration/Preservation Companies in the United States. Rooted in the deep belief that if you consistently provide your customers with a superior product, excellent service and absolute reliability you will succeed. Because of these deep commitments PPC&S currently enjoys ongoing relationships with nearly all its past clients.

Recent Case Studies
Location: One Hawthorne , San Francisco, CA Our Client:   One Hawthorne O
Location: Wells Fargo Building, Houston TX Our Client:   Rosemont Realty
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah Our Client: Presto Owner: Children’s P
Location: Hyatt Regency SF Our Client:   Hyatt Owner:  Hyatt Project Des

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Who Are Our Clients?

Our client list is proof positive and the most significant testimony to who we are, what we do and how well we do it. View all

  • United States Government
  • Turner Construction
  • Walters and Wolf
  • United States Postal Service
  • Mc Dill Air force Base
  • Us Customs
  • Hyatt Hotels
  • Pavarini Construction
  • Structure tone
  • McCarthy Construction
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    • Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication on this job. We really appreciate how nice and helpful you were. Las Vegas, NV
      Ellis Landau,
    • We recommend Paul on all of our projects. Walters & Wolf Precast, Fremont, CA
      Ed Knowles, Vice President
    • The GFRC looks fabulous. Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Mountain View, CA
      Don O'Hare, Facility Operations Manger
    • Paul restored The Central Building in 436 Broadway in Oakland CA. Not only was his work excellent he was a great man to work with. A very special thank you for your generous donation to Access for Disabled Americans, and for the great job you did on The Central Building. Access for Disabled Americans, Orinda, CA
      Neil W. Smither, President
    • Our panels are highly visible. Panel consistency and uniformity is sometimes a problem. We can depend on Paul to remove stains, color blend and clean panels. Paul is truly a master at his trade. We will continue to use PPC&S, Inc. in the future. Architectural Facade, Gilroy, CA
      Maurice Lafayette and Frank Bracken, Vice President